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Micere Keels, Director/Producer

Micere Keels is a Professor at the University of Chicago, and has spent the past 25 years working on a range of policy and practice issues related to racial and socioeconomic inequality.  Her research focuses on understanding how race, ethnicity, and poverty structure exposure to challenges that place people at risk for poor life outcomes. She is particularly invested in systems-change interventions that can narrow intergenerational inequities.

This documentary film is her first attempt at using popular narrative forms to influence how people understand persistent inequities.

Sharonda Harris-Marshall, Editor


Sharonda Harris-Marshall  is a Southern-bred independent filmmaker, photographer, and artist. A native of Mobile, Alabama, she is artistically inspired by the colorful, joie de vivre lifestyle and history of the Gulf Coast. 

Sharonda has worked on several indie feature-length film productions such as Remember the Drumstick and is actively producing several documentary projects, including The Battle of Platte River. She also produces independent music videos, one of which won the SouthSounds Music Video category of the South Alabama Film Festival in 2014.

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